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  • All offers are given at the discretion of Technifast and can be removed at any time, without prior notification.

  • Discount Codes are valid from  01/12/2021 - 23/12/2021 but can be used against orders scheduled and taken in full by 31/03/2022.

  • Carriage offer is for mainland UK only, excluding Highlands/Islands and residential locations.

  • Product Discount Codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts you would normally receive.

  • Extra discount offer is given on total order value and doesn't affect normal discounts (eg if order would normally receive 40% discount, you are entitled to extra discount off the net total; £100 – 40% = £60, -10% = £54 total).


  • All orders still need to cover standard terms of £2.00 minimum line value, £10 minimum order charge.


 Terms & Conditions 22/11/2021

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